How to use

How to search herbs?

To search an herb, Users could use the Chinese Name, Chinese Pinyin and English Name. Here, we use Banlangen as an example.

How to search ingredients?

To search an Ingredient or Compound, Users could use Chemical name, Canonical SMILES, CAS number. You could get these identifiers by public databases like 'PubChem'. Here, we use luteolin as an example.

How to browse herb/compound categories?

In the browse page, we provided two categories including Herbs Categories and Compounds Categories. Click the plus and minus signs, you can expand and collapse the herbs/compounds. Click herb/compound name, you can get detailed information about the herb/compound.

How to simplify the TCM prescription?

TCMSID provided TCM simplification for clarifying mechanisms, including two key steps of key ingredients screening and target identification. The detailed simplification process can be found in the corresponding publication. Here, we show some necessary operations that involved in this process. You can customize your simplification on your own thoughts.